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5 Septembre 2014
20h30 - 10$

Mad June

& Paolo Stante

Mad June is an Indie/Alt Rock band from Montreal, Canada. In the years since the inception of Mad June, the band has grown from a quartet, to an impressive five-piece band with a striking image. Their live performances, music and songs have evolved into something bigger that condenses the band’s raw energy, hooky melodies and powerful lyrics into a wall of sound that will get you up and dancing, head banging or jumping around…you choose!! Either way they will get under your skin and leave a lasting impression. The band released their newest single, Tip Toe, on February 4th 2014, and many other singles will come out until the full-length album planned for spring 2015. Tip Toe made it to the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition (ISC). Amongst the 19,000 entries from over a hundred different countries, Mad June’s Tip Toe ranked in the top 8%! Its video came out on April 14th and was viewed close to 4000 times in less than three weeks. For the past two years, Mad June has been working on perfecting their sound and musical identity with multi award winning producer Jeff Dalziel. Over the past year, the band has been in studio recording their new songs and co-writing with some amazing writers and composers such as Justin Forsley (The Veronicas, Suzie McNeill, Keshia Chante and Massari), Dan Davidson (Tupelo Honey, Hands-Up Music) and many others. Already acclaimed by critics for their musicianship, the ladies from Mad June have become refined songwriters. In 2013 they signed to one of Canada’s most influent independent publishing company, Red Brick Music Publishing (Casablanca Media Publishing) and work with The Feldman Agency (Luc De Bouvries) for their Canadian booking. They have also just signed a sponsorship deal with JH Audio for all their in-ears monitoring needs. In October 2012, Quebec’s music video channel, Musique Plus, invited them to perform live on their show Top Musique. In November 2012, they we’re “Approved” of on the show MusiquePlus Approuve and then again in December 2012. The video of that live performance was also one of the most viewed Top Musique performances and made it onto the Top of 2012 list. They have shared the stage with Courage My Love, Rival Sons, Tupelo Honey, Le Trouble and many other amazing acts. With the help of their fans dedication, in 2010 they won two of the most prestigious contests including Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair local talent search for Eastern Canada and Montebello’s Rockfest Rocker contest. Mad June is often compared to bands such as Block Party, Blonde Redhead and Metric. But after recording November, Jeff Dalziel described them best by saying that they are a mix between Imagine Dragons, The Ramones and Arcade Fire. 6 people. 6 musical people. 6 musical girls. 6 musical girls from different backgrounds who found each other buried in the snow in the city of Montreal. Playing music, no playing indie rock alternative loud catchy music that made them dance. Was the only way to warm up. Need led to an earful of pleasure. 6 musicians who melted the snow. 6 girls who write play and perform music. For them and now for you. Mad June xx PAOLO STANTE Born in Montreal, Paolo was raised in a rural setting. At the age of fifteen, Paolo emerged from the woods and announced he wanted to be a rock/blues guitarist. Subsequently, he set out to learn his trade attempting to incorporate the classic sounds of heroes such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the like into a uniquely fresh approach. After attending various programs at the McGill Conservatory of Music , Paolo emerged onto the professional scene playing at bars, clubs, festivals, community events and private gatherings, as well as benefit concerts. With his music foundation firmly established, Paolo has built a new platform wherein the past truly comes alive. His debut album, "One Way Back" is a testament to this fact.
Mad June with Paolo Stante at Alize



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